HengTen Networks Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "HengTen Networks", HK.0136) is a flagship company of Evergrande Group in the Internet community service industry. As a listed company in the main board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange, HengTen Networks is an Internet community service provider providing community owners with "one-stop" online-offline convenient services by using the internet technology.

Based on its own property around the country and oriented to large number of other communities in China, HengTen Networks plans to develop the Internet community service by providing diversified, convenient and accurate property and life services to communities, to meet all requirements of community users in basic necessities, household, health, social and other aspects. Also, it promotes a strong community O2O platform covering such area as property service, neighborhood social, and life service, etc.

HengTen Networks' "property service" provides an "one-stop" mobile solution that covers payment, maintenance, community information, online feedback and other functional modules for community users; "neighborhood social" service is committed to break the state of "nodding acquaintance" and build the best community life sharing platform; "life service" is to customize accurate life services for users by collecting big data of owners for in-depth analysis.

Relying on the huge community resources of Evergrande Group and strong online resources of Tencent Holdings, HengTen Networks will maximize the advantage of resource integration to create an innovative "one-stop" modern community service platform and become a national or even global "one-stop" community O2O platform with the biggest user traffic, best service, excellent experience and best-known brand.

  • 2017.05.08

    "HengTen Mimi"APP 3.0 is officially launched.

  • 2016.06.30

    The home furnishing platform is transformed into "HTmehome".

  • 2016.05.11

    "HengTen Mimi"APP 2.0 is officially launched!

  • 2016.02.01

    HengTen mimi home official website is launched.

  • 2015.12.30

    "HengTen Mimi"APP is officially launched!

  • 2015.11.27

    HengTen Networks official website is launched.

  • 2015.11.11

    The internal beta version 1.0 of product independently developed by HengTen Networks has been successfully completed.

  • 2015.10.26

    After subscription, the Company was renamed to "HengTen Networks Group Limited" and change to members of board committee takes effect.

  • 2015.07.31

    The Company plans to create an Internet community service online platform, and implement the first "12-month" business development plan.

  • 2015.06.15

    Evergrande Real Estate Group and Tencent Holdings signed a Subscription Agreement with Mascotte Holdings to jointly subscribe 75% stock of Mascotte.