Talent is the basis of enterprise development and the first productivity to promote leapfrog development of enterprises. Adhering to the talent concept of "Talent is foundation for establishing a country and developing an industry", HengTen Networks establishes scientific training methods, effective incentive mechanism, fair competition platform and broad development space to provide wide development space for the most talented people and more opportunities for enthusiastic and enterprising people.

  • In terms of introducing talents

    HengTen Networks opens campus recruitment, social recruitment and many other channels, provides very competitive salary, perfect welfare treatment and superior work environment to solicit excellent talents.

  • In terms of talent training

    HengTen Networks has built a comprehensive training system. Its unique "baymax" culture provides one-on-one guidance to new employees and mentoring system for management trainees, so as to help the new employees quickly adapt to the environment and atmosphere of the Company; and the experiential rotational training provides rapid growth platform for employees.

  • In terms of personnel promotion

    HengTen Networks provides staff with broad development space and promotion platform. There are various posts related to product, technology, operations, sales... and diversified promotion channels. The Company only chooses and uses talented personnel without considering their past experiences and selects talents to the greatest extent by taking ability and performance as the orientation.