privacy policy

It is very important to protect your personal data's security and privacy for us; therefore, we purposely comply with related law of data privacy protection and data security. Through the following terms, we are looking forward enable you to understand what data the Website collects, how the Website uses and protects them, and whom to share with.

1、Purpose for Use

We usually answer questions, process orders and provide relevant information and solutions with the personal information you provided through the Website. In addition, we will make use of the information to support the relationship with you. We store and process these personal data in order to obtain further understanding about your business demands and improve our products and services; at times, we (or entitled third-party organizations) may use such information to contact you to support with demanded solutions or on-line survey

2、Purpose Restriction

The purpose of the personal data collection on HengTen Networks Group Limited's Website is restricted as follows: Make use of personal data for certainadditional purposes that are directly related with the original purpose for personal data's collection; requirement for the preparation, negotiation, and performance according to your contract; requirement for the law, government or judicial authority; requirement for the legal statement or justification; requirement for avoiding fraudulent conducts, other illegal activities and hostile attacks on HengTen Networks Group Limited's IT system

3、Automatic Collection for Impersonal Information

When you are accessing to our Website, we may automatically collect some impersonal data (such as your explorer, OS, domain, visit time, average onlinetime and viewed pages). We may make use of the data and share with affiliations to supervise the popularity of our Website.


For the purpose of protecting your personal data from accidental or illegal destruction, damage, alteration and unauthorized opening and accessing, this Website applies technical and organizational security methods.